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Are you:

  • Seeing the effects of aging in your skin, body and brain? 
  • Feeling tired, toxic and ready to shed those extra pounds?
  • Stuck in “hormone hell” with low energy, sweats and mood swings?
  • Recently diagnosed with high blood pressure or high blood sugar and want to lower them naturally before they take their toll?
  • Worried that brain fog is eroding your productivity, or worse, might be the beginning of Alzheimer’s?


The Healthy Aging Reset is for you if you’re ready to take charge of your own health. If you’re sick and tired of being told there’s nothing to do except take the latest pill, or it’s simply a part of aging.

The truth is there is so much you can do to reclaim your vitality and create a future you can look forward to!

If you’re ready to empower yourself with the strategies to transform your health and prevent a range of chronic diseases, then…

Welcome to

The Healthy Aging Reset

An 8-week online course for people who are ready to address the root causes of their health problems.


During this time I’ve helped thousands of patients, and witnessed the transformation they’ve made in their health when they have the right information AND a doctor to guide them towards optimal health.

I was honored to teach “Naturopathic Medicine and Personal Wellness” at San Francisco State University for several years and witnessed how young adults who embrace healthy living grow more vital and alive.

But over this last decade, I’ve seen people develop more complex, chronic illness and struggle to manage them. And it is no wonder.

Here’s the (sobering) reality of our current situation according to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

In fact, 70% of annual deaths in the US are caused by one of these very common (but preventable) chronic diseases.


According to our own CDC, most of these conditions are

preventable and reversible with early lifestyle changes.

These conditions are preventable because they share a set of common “drivers”, or root causes. And when you address the root cause of a problem, it is much less likely to happen in the first place!

Let that sink in...

The chronic disease epidemic that is killing our families is preventable and reversible…but only when you take action and address the root causes.

This means that YOU HAVE THE POWER TO TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR OWN HEALTH. You don't have to be a statistic. You can live in a way that will allow you to be vital when you get into your 70s, 80s, and 90s. 

In The Healthy Aging Reset, we’ll delve into the root causes driving this set of conditions and I’ll teach you how to address them now so they can be effectively prevented or their risk reduced significantly.

What about the people you love? 

❤  Is someone in your family suffering from heart disease? (40% of Americans do).

❤  How about diabetes? They’re very closely related conditions and having diabetes increases your risk of a heart attack or stroke. 

❤  Who’s had cancer? How about autoimmunity?

❤  Is anyone dealing with dementia or Alzheimer’s in your family?

❤  Are you concerned that you might develop the same diseases that have plagued your family?

If so, you’re not alone. 

All of these conditions are heavily present in my family. Growing up in Kansas, I witnessed the effect that bad food had on good health. It was the hay day of Hostess Twinkies, Spam Sandwiches on Wonder Bread and sodas of every kind.

As I traced my family tree to identify the conditions that were taking the lives of my family over these past 50 years, I was shocked. Heart disease took one grandmother before I ever met her, and the other 3 grandparents died of either a heart attack or stroke. My Dad had 2 heart attacks, then esophageal and colon cancer. My Mom developed pre-diabetes, dementia and cancer. Numerous Aunts, Uncles and cousins died of all of the above. 


By understanding the processes that cause this silent epidemic, we can stop it in its tracks! 

I’ve created this course to help you understand what is happening as you age and how you can change your health destiny, prevent disease and live with vitality at any age.

I’ve packed 35 years of experience in my functional medicine practice into this 8-week online course and I want to share it with you.

The Healthy Aging Reset is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Feel 10 years younger!
  • Build resilience in 40-60s, when we can best adapt to the aging process
  • Be a trend-setter and take charge of your health to slow the aging process
  • Learn how to support your body’s natural self-healing processes
  • Be empowered with the knowledge and direction to master the lifestyle changes that prevent and reverse disease
  • Create an action plan to share with your doctor about your interest in addressing your health concerns
  • Feel confident that you’ve done everything you can to reduce your risk of chronic disease by joining The Healthy Aging Revolution

"A few years ago, I was diagnosed with situational colitis and landed in the hospital for 10 days.
I was put on meds for a long time, but still wasn’t 100%. A friend introduced me to Dr. Sally LaMont and that’s when my tummy troubles turned the corner. Her first marching order was the mental health plan...ditch the guy causing the enormous stress. Done! Next was the health plan that changed my life forever. I have always been athletic and thin and could eat whatever I pleased and I did. But the aging process began to change that and my tummy was talking to me. Dr. LaMont not only shared with me healthy, delicious recipes that I loved, she educated me in a way that I could understand and made total sense. She taught me about nutrition and the do’s and don’ts of eating and exercise while aging, what I could eat in moderation and what I needed to ban entirely from my daily diet. I respect her depth of knowledge and her dedication to my new life. To this day, I have not had a single bout of colitis and continue on the plan that Dr. Sally created for me.

Why do I recommend Dr. Sally LaMont? Because she is a true professional with a wealth of knowledge and the dedication to help people live healthy and happy lives. And that is priceless! Thank you, Dr. LaMont, forever grateful."  ~ Deborah

DrSally LaMont was encouraging and inspirational and didn’t make me guilty about my unhealthy habits. She talked through what created the bad habits, how to structure a plan for success, and gave me the tools I needed to get on a healthy course. My biggest issue was not taking enough time to give my body its basic needs. Before we met, I couldn’t see what I was doing to myself and her guidance and knowledge gave me the edge I needed to be successful. I didn’t expect to lose weight, but I lost 15 pounds and it is staying off!

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to become healthy.” ~ Dawn

“I have been seeing DrSally LaMont for the last few years for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a condition that I was living and suffering with for 30 yearsDr. LaMont wanted to get a true understanding of my history and set a course of action for me that not only resolved this malady, but also made me feel that it was up to me to take a more active role in my care. I would recommend her to anyone who deals with IBS. What impresses me most about Dr. LaMont is that she is able to explain the physiology of what is happening in my body in layman’s terms and how to counteract what I had been putting up with for years. My life has changed as the IBS has all but gone away.

It is wonderful to feel so personally invested in my own health and well being, and I really have DrSally to thank for opening my eyes and mind to “my part in this.” - John

I’m on a Mission to Ignite a Healthy Aging Revolution

And the Healthy Aging Reset is the first step: it starts with self-care and understanding the power of your body’s self-healing capacities so that you can harness them.

It means getting curious, learning to understand your symptoms, and then acting on the information to make positive change.

It does NOT mean you abandon your primary care doctor; it does mean you start to take a leadership role in your health.

It means going to your doctor, prepared to engage. This course will help you develop an action plan to share with your doctor to get to the root causes of your health problems.

And if they won’t, I’ll direct you to resources to find a doctor who practices naturopathic or functional medicine.

Now is the time to move from a “disease management system” to a true health care system, where we grow health and prevent disease - instead of allowing it develop without our awareness and then spending trillions to treat the downstream suffering, disability and disease.

This is a revolution that starts with us, as individuals. And then we recruit our partners, siblings, children and neighbors. Before long, we’ll have an army of people who are choosing to live in vibrant health and can break this cycle of chronic disease.

Imagine how you’d feel if you could:

  • Get off the blood sugar rollercoaster, handle your cravings and prevent diabetes
  • Burn off your belly fat, feel lighter and get back into your skinny jeans 
  • Reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke
  • Clear your brain fog, be more productive and stop worrying about Alzheimer’s! 
  • Balance your hormones and get your mojo back
  • Get out of chronic pain so you can do the things you love to do
  • Heal your indigestion and love your tummy!
  • Build a stronger, leaner, fitter body

It is possible to build health as you age by addressing the root-cause drivers of these imbalances, 


So let’s get at it! 

Join The Healthy Aging Reset now! It’s the perfect way to reset after the summer and will set you up to go into the holidays feeling (and looking) better than ever.

If this is calling to you - if you’re ready to say YES to yourself and have a breakthrough with your health, then I welcome you!


The Curriculum

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn in this Course:


The Problem: The Silent Epidemic of Chronic Disease
The Solution: Access, Assess and Address

  1. How to Access the Healer Within
    • You are Naturally Self-Healing: Harness your Superpowers
    • The True Meaning of Symptoms: listen and respond
    • Health Span, Mitochondria, Telomeres
    • The Healthy Aging Mindset
    • The Super Agers
  2. How to Assess Your Own Health: The Self-Care Solution
    • Pre-Course Self-Assessment Questionnaire
    • Physical and Emotional Scan
    • Family Health History / Genetics
    • Personal Health Contract and Worksheets


Learn to think like a naturopathic/functional medicine doctor: what are the underlying drivers of my health problems?

  1. Digestive Dysfunction
  2. Inflamm-Aging 
  3. Blood Sugar Dysregulation: Diabesity and Insulin Resistance
    • Checklist of lab tests
    • Checklist of nutrients
    • Action Steps

Module 3 -  DISCOVER THE 6 ROOT CAUSES (continued)

4. Toxic Exposures

5. Lack of Essential Nutrients

6. Hormonal Imbalances

  • Checklist of lab tests to ask your doctor to order
  • Checklist of nutrients 
  • Action Steps

Module 4 -  HEAL THE GUT (even if you don't think you have gut problems)

  • "A Whirlwind Tour of Your Gastro-Intestinal Tract"
  • Common digestive problems along the way: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Small Intestinal Bacteria! Overgrowth (SIBO), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Diverticulitis
  • How to heal "leaky gut" and "leaky brain" 
  • The "4Rs" of Digestive Health
  • Dr. LaMont's "7 Factors that Influence Digestion", "Top 10 Nutrients to Heal Gut Inflammation and Hyperpermeability"


  • 15 Minute Mini-Nutrition Course: Macronutrients and Phytonutrients (so we're all on the same page)
  • Discover the best diets for preventing chronic disease and which is right for you
  • How food allergy testing can change your life
  • What to bring into diet and what to take out
  • How to eat to beat inflammation, balance blood sugar, reduce toxicity, support hormones and love it!
  • Dr. LaMont's "Healthy Eating Checklist"
  • Recipe bundles for Breakfast, Soups, Main Dishes


  • How to get the movement you need in 20 minutes a day
  • Set practical and effective goals to build physical strength and resilience so your body can handle the changes of life
  • How to build muscle (your metabolic machinery) in your 60's and beyond
  • Six ways to prevent bone loss and reduce your risk of osteoporosis
  • How exercise boosts Cognitive Function and builds new neuronal connections
    • Handouts and Action Steps


  • How to reduce the negative effects of chronic stress on our neuroendocrine system
  • Successful sleep strategies
  • Effective breathing exercise to improve vitality
  • How to meditate so it is relaxing, not struggle
  • Dr. LaMont's favorite energy (Qi) building practices
  • Growing connection to your people, passion, purpose
    • Handouts and Action Steps


  • Review of Self-Assessment exercises from Module 1
  • Finalize checklist of lab tests to identify drivers of disease
  • Complete your personalized Health Plan Workbook
  • Finding the right practitioner to support your Health Plan

I invite you to take this amazing info and turn it into lasting transformation in your life. Remember, this course is an integration of my 35 years experience as a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist. I’ve helped people just like regain their health with the right information, inspiration and lifestyle shifts.

Join the Healthy Aging Reset now and use these action steps to roll back the clock on aging and live the future life you’ve dreamed of!

What is it going to cost?

As part of The Healthy Aging Reset you will get:

  8 LIVE one hour video trainings with Dr. LaMont (value $3,600)
✔  1 hour video recordings of sessions to watch at your convenience
  Access to our private Facebook Group for Q and A  
  1 year access to all content
  Handouts, Questionnaires and Weekly Checklists ($300)
  Personalized Health Plan Workbook ($200)



I've created two special gifts to share with you if you commit today!
You'll get my:

My Ten Healthy Aging Hacks eBook

My Essential Guide to Supercharge Your Brain eBook

Next spring this course will be $997, but because this fall is a pilot program, I’m offering this “Inner Circle Pricing” this time ONLY for an amazing $497.00!

Special Inner Circle Pricing







Enrollment for The Healthy Aging Reset opens on Sept. 12th and closes on September 24th. The course begins at 5:00 PM on Tuesday Sept. 24th and runs through November 12th at 6:00 PM. 

If you’re clear you need this information now, I’ve created a special opportunity for you to make 2 payments of $267. Either way, this will be one of the best investments you could make in your future!


But what if...

"I don't have the time..."
All of the classes are recorded, so you can catch up at your convenience, plus you can email your questions if you miss a class and still get them answered.
"I can't afford it..."

The long-term cost of NOT taking charge of your health now is SUFFERING the loss of: 

  1. FUNCTION: What is at stake is spending your 60-80s in pain, unable to do the things you’d always thought you would. Plus, you may be suffering from the side effects of multiple meds for multiple diagnoses that could have been prevented.
  2. FREEDOM: Freedom to live the life you’d always thought you would and be unable to care for yourself due to disabilities. 
  3. FORTUNE: The cost of prescription drugs is soaring, long-term care costs are staggering, and billions are spent treating conditions that are preventable! 
"But I'm not sure I will actually use this..."

As time goes on, I suspect you’ll remember this opportunity and wish you’d taken action now. If you can’t trust yourself to listen to this class once a week, then maybe it’s not for you.

Just think about the future you might have if you don’t act. Then imagine the future you could have if you do, then decide.


Taking charge now will help you build the energy and strength so you can:

  • Play with your kids and grandkids
  • Do the travel you’ve always dreamed of in your later years
  • Sharpen your brain so you can stay engaged with life
  • Get your mojo back and rekindle your once passionate relationship
  • Connect meaningfully with those you love
  • Read, play games and grow, physically and mentally
  • Find focus, purpose and passion in your later years
Press the Healthy Aging Reset Button Now!

My Guarantee: Try the course out for the first 4 weeks (starting September 24, 2019). If you diligently watch all of the lessons in the first 4 modules and do the exercises and feel that the course is not right for you for any reason, just let me know and I’ll happily refund your money. * Just email me by Monday, October 21st with your request, along with copies of your completed homework for the Modules 1-4.

Press the Healthy Aging Reset Button Now



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Enroll Now

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